Rocky, 11-year old senior cat for adoption in New York City

Rocky, 11-year old senior cat for adoption in New York City

Orange/White Calico
11 years

Looking for an “opinionated” kitty who’s going to keep you on your toes? If so, queen Rocky is definitely your lady. Rocky’s been with us at the ASPCA for quite some time and recently had the pleasure of spending a few days as a spoiled office foster. Rocky is typically apprehensive around people she doesn’t know, and according to her human office mates once she settled in Rocky became a very “demanding” boss—demanding of pets, that is! When Rocky wanted scratches it was obvious, and even if her people were in the middle of meetings or trying to meet deadlines, if Rocky wanted pets in that moment her front paws would inevitably be in their laps—making it clear that giving her attention should be at the top of their to-do lists! And just like many bosses, if Rocky was displeased with their work she would make it known, often with a twitchy tail and little hiss—but that’s just Rocky’s way of providing constructive criticism! When her human employees were performing to their fullest potential, Rocky was always polite and rewarded them by showing her belly, letting them brush her or sitting in their laps.

With all of that said, Rocky’s adopter should understand that she isn’t the typical easy-breezy kitty—but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a great fit for the right home! She’s definitely sensitive around new people and loud sounds, so a quiet, adults-only home would be best for this lady. We think that Rocky would thrive with an adopter who has some experience with cat body language and is ready, willing and able to give her the time and space she needs—likely several weeks or more—to settle into her new home. According to her previous family, Rocky “will be your best friend when you need her”—so if you’re looking for a new best friend, we welcome you to fill out our Cat Adoption Survey!



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